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Welcome to the Cornell Business Minors tool. This site allows you to sign up for minors in the SC Johnson College of Business. The minors are open to current undergraduate students at Cornell University. Check each individual minor for more information, specific qualifications and requirements.

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How to get started

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Review the Minor

Review the requirements and related materials to better understand the minor.

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Declare your minor

Sign into this site and select the minor(s) you plan to complete.

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Plan Your Courses

Plan a course of study that fits in with your major to complete the requirements.

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Certify Completion

Certify the completion of your minor by June 1st of your senior year.


Business Minor

The University-Wide Business Minor is offered by a consortium of schools and colleges at Cornell, including the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Johnson School, and School of Hotel Administration. The minor is intended for students majoring in subject areas other than business to get exposure to business concepts, frameworks, and methods.

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University-Wide Minor in

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The university-wide Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, offered by the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business and housed at the School of Hotel Administration, is designed to equip students from across Cornell with a set of entrepreneurial tools and experiences that will prepare them to be entrepreneurial-minded citizens and professionals. Students in the minor will take a mixture of theory and experiential courses that explore a range of contexts and challenges designed to stimulate entrepreneurial thinking and problem solving and cultivate an innovative, creative mindset.

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Dyson Business Minor for Engineers

This is a minor specifically tailored to the education and career needs of engineering students. Students declaring the intent to minor benefit in the following ways: have preference in the AEM courses that are offered in the minor (as long as they follow the rules of pre-enrollment); receive invitations to special extracurricular events related to business and engineering; have access to advice and guidance on the minor; learn about new offerings and new optional courses.

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Dyson Business Minor for Life Sciences

The Dyson Business Minor for Life Sciences Majors, offered by the Dyson School, is open to biology majors in the College of Arts and Sciences, biological engineering majors in the College of Engineering, select majors in the College of Human Ecology, and all life sciences majors in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. It is intended to prepare life sciences majors for successful careers that straddle both science and business. As a result, life sciences majors will be exposed to innovative business ideas to be prepared for future entrepreneurial opportunities and understand the business goals and terms used by different types of companies.

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Environmental, Energy, and Resource Economics

Eligible to all undergraduate students at Cornell University, this minor emphasizes economics with a resource and environmental focus.

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Applied Economics Minor

All undergraduate students at Cornell University are eligible for this minor. This minor focuses on a variety of economics and management courses.

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International Trade and Development Minor

This minor emphasizes international trade and finance as well as a variety of political and international economic courses. All undergraduate students at Cornell University are eligible for this minor.

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Agribusiness Management Minor

All undergraduate students at Cornell University are eligible for this minor. This minor focuses on farm business management as well as agriculture development and finance.

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